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The Origin of the roulette is unclear. Roulette is taken from the French word that means a small wheel. According to some of the sources, a French Mathematician named Blaise Pascal of the seventeenth century made the invention of the Roulette game wheel. While others claim that this game has its origin in china and was then brought by the Europeans by the Dominican monks who traded there.

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No matter the origin, roulette has grown in popularity over the years and has become a staple in both land-based and online casinos around the world. The simplicity and excitement of betting on the outcome of a spinning wheel make it a game that is enjoyed by players of all skill levels. Today, players have the opportunity to enjoy various types of roulette, including European, American, and French versions, each with its own unique set of rules and betting options.

Roulette history

In the late eighteenth century, the game of roulette wheel became quite popular when a prince named Charles who was a ruler of Monaco, introduced the game of roulette to his region in order to lighten the financial crunch in the region.

In the year 1842 the roulette version was modernized when the Frenchmen Louis Blanc and Franchios invented the single zero game of roulette. In the 1800s the game was then brought to America. The single zero version was modified by the Americans and along with the single zero version, a double zero was introduced in the American Casinos. During California gold rush, the American roulette became too popular.

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Online Roulette types

Let us discuss both kinds of roulette games:
There are 37 numbers in the European version of roulette game. It includes numbers starting from one to thirty six with one slot of zero making the total of the pockets 37. The single zero gives 2.7% house advantage. For instance, for hundred dollars wager, the house edge will make a profit of 2.7 dollars.

There are 38 numbers in the American system of the roulette game. It includes numbers starting from one to thirty six with one pocket of single zero and an extra pocket of double zero making a total of 38. The American version gives 5.26% house advantage. For instance, for hundred dollars wager, the house edge will make a profit of 5.26 dollars.

Many other differences include the colors of the chips so as to differentiate their wagers from the other gamers in the American version. In the European version, the color of Roulette chips remains the same. So the European casinos have to depend on the memory for distinguish their wagers from the other gamers.

Another major difference between both the games is that the European casinos make the dealers use a stick often called as a rake for sweeping all the chips. The American casino croupiers will simply use the arms or hands for sweeping the Roulette chips from the table.

In the European version, one can also make use of the En prison bet. When the ball rests on a zero, then the gamer has an option to make use of this bet where he is given an option to either surrender his outside wagers or leave them for another spin.

First the roulette chips are placed, then the wagers are made and then the croupier spins the wheel in an opposite direction of the wheel. Then the gamers can continue placing wager until the croupier says no more wagers.

When the wheel stops and the silver ball lands on one of the number pockets, the croupier places a mark on a winning number. The gamers who win the wager on colors or numbers are rewarded while all the others lose all their chips.

Roulette is still a popular casino game, especially in the European countries. The reason is the appealing house advantages due to the single zero elements that attract a lot of gamers.

Roulette at casinos online

Roulette is a very old game that has been played for centuries in one form or another. Today, online casinos offer roulette sites and several variations of the game, and some casinos even specify special promotions and bonuses for Roulette players exclusively. Roulette literally means ‘Little Wheel’ and the object of the game is to correctly determine which number on the wheel the ball will land on. Bets are placed on the numbers and the wheel is then spun.

The odds of getting a correct pick will vary slightly within the variations of the game. The true origins of this game can’t be traced to an actual date because of the lack of written history about it. But as far back as the 1700′s, there have been accounts of games similar to today’s Roulette.

Roulette casinos are plentiful and you’ll find both American and European Roulette at most online casinos. The difference between the two games are the number of zeroes on the wheel. There are 36 slots with numbers, for each version and in European Roulette there is one zero.

In American Roulette there are two zero slots, one single zero and one double zero. There are other types of games similar to Roulette offered at each casino so be sure to check into this to see which type interests you. As with any game of chance, always play in a reputable casino with a good gaming software and a solid reputation.

Some of the most popular and trusted casinos are Microgaming, Playtech, Real Time Gaming and Cryptologic Casinos, who have earned their reputations from experience and very satisfied players, and from operating casinos with the highest standards of operations.

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The Roulette Insider Power Systems

I saw the information manual of the Roulette insider power systems, when I was planning to get a personal Roulette game table for my own house. Since my childhood, I loved watching roulette, but never took the game seriously. I was not of those types who waste their hard earned money in gambling. So, I casually scanned the pages of the insider power systems.

I was never an active child. While many of my friends played soccer, I was always at my father’s side watching him with his friends. I liked to see my father playing Roulette with his friends at home with cigarettes and beer. I was too small to know the illegality of playing the roulette.

I remember my father always told me to keep this as a secret. I still go that old home with the memories, but the things have tremendously changed. There were raids in our home resulting in cutting off the fun factor in Roulette.

So, I was in fact looking out for a roulette game table so as to call some friends and enjoy the weekends. I actually got attracted to the insider power system of roulette.

After this, the view point of the game completely changed for the best for me. This system has unique strategies to learn and play the roulette at your best ability.

A great idea clicked me. I got a bunch of twenty people at my home to test the system. While some of them were enjoying the other games like the spades, I convinced some of them to play roulette.

After playing and analyzing this as well as the other systems, I was disappointed as I felt that this system was baseless. After some time I realized that I was doing something different than the strategies and tips mentioned in the system.

After a month or so, I again called my friends with all the preparations and the roulette systems strategy in my mind. Just in 3 hours I was upwards to $300 and was simply a life cherishing moment for me.

After that my life has changed completely. I am not boasting but from the 10 times that I visited the real casino, I have walked out always a winner. The only thing that I need to control is my greed. Once I get over the greed, as mentioned in the roulette insider power systems, I can make this a full time profession.

I am giving you this information so that you too get an upper hand like me and win roulette. Why is there a need to lose all the money when you have the chance of winning it?

In just a matter of two months, my earnings on each and every visit ranged from 150 to 600 dollars. And that’s not bad at all. So, if you are more focused than me, then you can surely win bigger and better every time you play roulette with the Insider power systems. So good luck and keep doing good.

Ways to Increase the Winning Odds in Roulette

As the land based version of casino is exciting, the online version is also very great. The only difference is the ambience of the real land based casino missing in the roulette game. Only the medium of the game changes, the rules remain similar.

Lady luck needs to favor you a lot in a roulette as this is a complete game of chance and probability. So, make sure will all your luck and crossed fingers you wager on a perfect number with the ball resting on the number that you wagered on and you are already declared as a winner.

Online is virtual in nature. The table, chips, ball and the wheel remain constant. The rules regarding the European and the American version remain the same with the same percentage of winning odds.

Before the commencement of the roulette game, the gamer decides the wagering amount and the number for placing his wager and can commence the game by just hitting a button on the virtual game of roulette table. There is also a Special wagers option to increase the wagers by touching the option on the screen.

There are two things that you must remember when you are trying to make the house advantage down and equal the things without any of the so called roulette systems.

Play the game where the winning odds are the best
If you compare the American and the European table of the roulette, you will discover that the American version favors the casino more than the gamers. The American version has 38 pockets whereas the European has 37 pockets. Due to the extra slot, the American favors the house to a whopping 5.26% whereas the same in the European is 2.7% only.

Again there are many other ways of further reducing the house edge in the European version of the roulette wheel. In the European table, there is a type of wager called as en prison wager. The word en prison means in prison or imprisonment. If you wager on the en prison and if the ball lands on a zero, then you do not lose your bet.

You have an option of carrying your bet forward for the next rotation. If your en prison wager wins, you can release all the stakes from the casino table. This is the best bet of the European version and the house edge is only 1.35%. So, the beneficial one is definitely the European version for the gamers.

Make sure that your bets are even bets
Always wager with the odds that equals out the payoffs. There are many types of the even money bets where you do not earn too big, but you definitely earn little in a short span of time. In this way you can gradually increase your bankroll. The even money bets are the black, red, high, low, Even, odd, etc.

The Payouts of all these even money bets is 1:1 ratio with the odds of winning of 45%. There are many other bets like the three dozen where the payouts are 2:1. This is even better than the even money bets.

Mobile Roulette made easy

Long considered the King of Casino games, roulette has made a smooth transition from elegant European casinos to the world of online gambling and from then to mobile roulette action. Today, most mobile phones are able to support supreme mobile casinos, which offer a fantastic range of games, including mobile roulette.

Most roulette games played on mobile devices are based on the popular European roulette, which means that the chances of winning are even greater since there is only one zero on the wheel (compared to two on the American roulette wheel).

It is very simple to play mobile roulette and once you try once or twice, you’ll be playing like a pro! All you need to do is place your bets on the number (or groups of numbers) that you believe the roulette ball will land on. The wheel is then spun and the ball comes to rest in a slot. You are then paid out according to your bets.

There are many different types of bets to choose from, and it’s probably worth your while practicing mobile roulette for free before wagering for real money because, in this way, you can familiarize yourself with the bets and know how to wager. For example, you’ll learn that a Straight Up bet may be the hardest to win, but if you do, you stand to earn 35 x your bet!