The Martingale System

The Martingale System has been around for at least 300 years. It can only be used for one to one bets, although forms of it have been used for inside groups. There is no difference between the outside even money bets, so it doesn’t matter whether you bet on red, black, even, odd, high, or low. Let me say up front that the classic Martingale is a very dangerous way to bet. The reason why is you are betting when losing with no limits to how many losses you can have in a row. Look at the way to play a Martingale and it will soon become apparent just how dangerous it is.

Martingale system game

I place my first bet of $5 or one unit on black. If red or green hits and I lose, I double my next bet to $10, or two units. Should I win this bet, I get my first loss back and win $5. If I lose the second bet, I double up again to $20, or four units. This time if I win, I recover all of my losses and win $5 or one unit. This sounds so easy – Like taking candy from a baby. The Martingale can work for a long time but eventually you will be betting on the wrong color and a long string of losses will occur. You don’t have to observe Roulette very long to see long streaks occur.

Let’s look at what your bet will escalate to if you have eight losses in a row:
$5 – $10 – $20 – $40 – $80 – $160 – $320 – $640

I know you will win the next bet, so push out $1280 so you can win $5.

You can’t predict when a long losing streak is going to occur, and that is the problem with the Martingale. Don’t use the Martingale. There are better ways to risk your money, and they won’t cause you to have a heart attack.

Even worse, you may not be able to do the Martingale at many online casinos such as casino. This is because many tables have limits. The current betting limits on the roulette tables at Bodog is $500. So, after the seventh loss, you can no longer try to use this method.

The Grand Martingale

The Grand Martingale is played just like the Martingale except after a loss, the player doubles the wager and adds a unit. The Grand Martingale sequence would be as follows:
$5 – $15 – $35 – $75 – $155 – $315 – $635…

Looking at the escalation of the bets, and you see that $635 is reached one bet earlier than with the Martingale – the seventh bet of the sequence instead of the eighth. Using this system causes you to have your MI one bet earlier. Don’t use the Grand Martingale.

The Reverse Martingale

The third Martingale is acceptable if you modify it a bit. It is the Reverse Martingale, or also known as anti-Martingale. This form of betting is classified as a positive progression or “streak bet”. You use the Reverse Martingale after winning, not after losing. Once you lose, you revert to a one unit bet, and bet one unit until you win, the enter the betting sequence at the second bet. In it’s original form, the betting sequence would look like the following:

$5 – $10 – $20 – $40 – $80 – $160…

Now, I don’t want you to try this reverse Martingale, because you eventually lose and are stuck with a $5 loss for a winning series. However, you might try any number of deviations where you don’t escalate as fast and you drop down or plateau your bet before progressing onward. Later, on another page in this web site, I will give you a large number of betting sequences from which to choose. For now, however, I will show you a modified Reverse Martingale which will allow you to pull back some of your winnings, yet continue to press your bets upward to take advantage of a winning streak. Remember, winning streaks can be as long as losing streaks if you’re betting the right color.

$5 – $7.50 – $10 – $15 – $20 – $30… The reason I stop here is that very few winning streaks are longer than 6 in a row. At this point, or an earlier point, you can go three different directions.

First, you can drop down to $5 and start over.
Second, drop down to $20, pocket $10, and flat bet there until the streak ends.
Third, you can continue to press upward while pulling back some of each win. It’s your choice.

The Roulette ball doesn’t know the streak should end. It is just a dumb little ball with no memory of where it has just landed.